10 Tips For Woodworking


We leave you 10 simple tricks and practical advice when woodworking, either to pre-treat or keep the wood in perfect condition.

1.- When laying wooden floors, it is important to keep the expansion joint, since, the wood with the heat expands and if it has no room it is pressing and in the end it finishes lifting.

2.- When cutting with the jigsaw, always start the saw before the blade touches the wood. If you touch the wood and we start the saw, the wood will break. It is important, with the jigsaw, that we have it always well supported, in this way will not vibrate and allow us to make a clean cut on the wood.

3.- A carpentry trick so that two wood pieces do not separate when nailing the nails: instead of nailing them straight, it is better to nail them at a 45 degree angle because in this way the two pieces of wood will not separate.

4.- When working with a drill and wood remember to always put a martyr to avoid damaging the work table, also prevent the hole from getting damaged and leaving a bad finish.

5.- Consider the type of wood when working with it. There are woods that are easier to work than others, for example: oak wood is very hard, a bad use of the tool with which we work can make the finish is not what is desired.

6.- Once a surface of wood is sanded, remember to clean the surface of dust and debris well before painting.

7.- Use Primer. It serves to cover the pore of the wood. The primer avoids paint pick-up and makes it easier to get varnish or paint. It is a practical and basic product to do painting works in wood.

8. When drilling holes in the wood for screws, use a countersink , remove the burr from the holes and help the screws to be flush with the piece.

9.- When varnishing or applying an enamel to the wood, special emphasis is placed on the edges, it is the most sensitive part of the wood and where it is most likely to be between the water. Apply well to cover, the pore of the wood. For the wood to last for a long time, it is very important to maintain, sand and apply varnish or paint from time to time so that it does not deteriorate the wood.

10.- When applying paint, enamel or varnish, always read the manufacturer’s instructions well. In the back of the boat, the times of drying, repainting, how to apply it depending on the surfaces, the performance, etc. are often reflected . All this information is very important when preparing a work of DIY in wood.

Saws for woodworking

With these simple tricks we are sure that you will get a perfect match in all your work with wood. Make sure that you don’t neglect to get a good table saw for all your woodworking projects. Check them out here¬†http://besttablesawreviews.net.