Bosch PTS 10 table saw review

There are many tools for cutting wood and one of the most used for this purpose are table saws, with which it is possible to get pieces of different sizes.

Today, one of the best-valued models on the market is the Bosch PTS 10 table saw, with which we will now make a detailed analysis of each of its characteristics, advantages and opinions of some of its buyers, to get a feel of it.

Features of the Bosch PTS 10 saw

1. Its power and reach

According to the experience with this equipment, thanks to its power and reach you can cut pieces of wood up to 5 centimeters thick without complications. It also has a high power motor.

Due to the strength of its engine, it has included the Soft start function, which will provide smooth starting and low vibration.

2. The stability and precision of the Bosch PTS 10

This table saw has several benefits for its buyers, since its lower frame or base is solid aluminum, 77 centimeters deep, 60 centimeters wide and has a cutting height of 75 millimeters, thus giving it absolute stability And accuracy for various fields of application.

It should be noted that the parallel side stop is self-adjusting, which ensures a more accurate work. In addition, it includes a sliding carriage with an angled stopper for miter up to 60 degrees, which helps to accurately saw those boards that are wide.

Its tilting saw blade allows miter racking up to 45 degrees, but that’s not all: the Bosch PTS 10 comes with inverted T-shaped guides, which provide the parameters you need to cut.

3. The quality of your accessories

When you purchase this saw, it includes the extension of the table and its fastening components (which gives more space to the surface), a large table with aluminum surface to work more comfortable, a metal lower frame ready to work With large pieces.

It also has a vacuum cleaner to clean the area in which it was worked with, a protective cover with fixing set, a bottom plate with its screws , Polygonal wrench, wedge, push bar and a guide to make it even easier to use the equipment.

4. Its ease of use

The Bosch PTS 10 has a weight of 26 kilograms – somewhat heavy in comparison to other saws – , a lateral extension and a later extension of the table with parallel stop to the leaf that is additional, allowing to saw of a comfortable, easy and with pieces Of greater size. Also, the integrated sliding car will give you the guarantee of extremely stable and safe guiding.

Buyers of the Bosch PTS 10 have been satisfied when buying this professional machine, thanking the height of its base or work table, making that the frame up to 90 centimeters, an excellent position to realize the cut that is required.


For sawing longitudinally or transversely wood it is essential that you acquire a saw that works by rotating a circular blade at high speed. Various qualities such as sawing collection system, guides, table-moving function and elongation are real advantages of the Bosch PTS 10 model.

This is a team that offers professional results at a good price and according to the balance of the comments of its users, is quite good; So you can consider it among your options before making the purchase of your work tools, always anticipating that it really meets your requirements.

In short, it is not a model for all pockets but if you are looking for a quality and professional circular table saw with all the guarantees of a brand like Bosch, the PTS 10 is a tool to keep in mind.

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